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Our wealth of experience in both the NHS and the private health sector, provides us with a clear idea of clients' requirements.

Our wealth of experience in both the NHS and the private health sector, provides us with a clear idea of clients' requirements. We are aware of the vital need to differentiate services between Trusts, and even departments within Trusts, and as such we make it our duty to make personal on-site visits in order to establish the unique needs of each and every client. We are then able to make informed choices when matching candidates to clients, integrating the most appropriate candidate each and every time.

In order to be the most efficient in our field we take time to foster sincere partnerships with both our clients and our candidates. To satisfy the requirements of the client, it is imperative that in addition to making the GPS compliance checks, we also have an understanding of the career path and personal lifestyle of our candidates. This knowledge ensures that candidates are well-placed in a department that suits their needs, and where they can become a compliant asset to the client.

Investing in our candidate team so thoroughly allows us to form a quality workforce of high calibre specialist locum doctors. As the client, you are then in the enviable position of having a trusted and regular professional team of locums within your reach, and your department has a quickly integrateable member to their specialist team.

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    "You cannot create experience. You must undergo it." (Camus) Armed with 18 years of specialist medical recruitment experience, our management team are able to formulate an effective process for the client that is straightforward, smooth-running and stress-free.

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    Because every situation is unique... At EDD every client request is treated on an individual basis. We modify our process depending upon the requirements of the client, aiming to always go above and beyond in fulfilling their departments' individual demands.

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    We work with our clients in order to maximise our understanding of their departments' requirements. Frequent onsite visits help us to maintain a clear perspective of client needs whilst also fostering strong working relationships with client personnel.

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    High calibre, well managed candidates are an asset to both us as an agency and to you as our client. We invest in our candidates' careers, endeavouring to make an effective placement each and every time.



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