As a candidate in the specialist locum market, we're sure you will be all too aware of the dificulties and frustrations involved in finding suitable regular placements.

Our aim at ED staffing is to establish strong working partnerships with our candidates in order to become more than just a recruiter, rather playing an integral part in the candidates career.

Our combined experience in the medical market, spanning over 18 years, provides us with the necessary knowledge and know-how, to establish relevant and regular opportunities that match your individual requirements.

How do we do this?

Hard work and dedication. Here at ED staffing we believe in putting in the hard work. In addition to being available 24/7, we take time to get to know both our clients and our candidates, valuing their differences, and establishing their indivual needs. Our personal tailor-made approach produces longterm sincere working relationships that are both effective and rewarding for all parties concerned.

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Our Promise To You

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